Male Strippers For Hire

If men in a uniform are your hen’s thing, then you’ll find the answer to her last night of freedom  party right here. Why not hire her a fireman naked butler looking hot and sexy in fire fighters uniform  to really make the party temperature rise and to make her absolute wildest party dream come true! You could even have him turn up unexpectedly at a BBQ party or firework party saying “Neighbours reported something was on fire out the back – So how can I help you ladies?”

Imagine the scene as he rings the bell and all you ladies send her to answer the door to a tall bronzed, rippling hunk in Fever Fireman’s outfit. His six pack toned and just waiting to wow as he strips off his jacket and gets to work pouring the drinks! (Collar, cuffs and bow tie optional)

Another thought  ladies, if you really want to go places with this theme, why not hire her the fire engine as your vehicle of choice for the evening too?

If your special hen likes her men firm and masterful, confident and commanding, serious yet sexy…….then she’s going to absolutely love it when you hire her a sexy policeman buff butler to wait on her hand and foot all evening. Your topless Police Butler can wear the collar, cuffs and bow tie too if you prefer. Or you could have him in naked  butler gear with police hat if you prefer.

Our semi naked buff butlers and topless waiters are only too happy to fulfill her last ever single girl fantasy, by dressing up in their hot Police Butler costume for her hen party to serve the drinks and nibbles. You could even have a little fun and have him ring the doorbell – ready to arrest her with badge and handcuffs at the ready! Or you could just get your own back on every cop who’s ever stopped you for speeding and make him wash up in the kitchen!

As long as you all behave yourselves girls you’ll be spared the sight of his enormous truncheon! Don’t mess with this Police Butler or he may have to hand cuff you!